Pressing the connect button in T3i Operate displays no T3i serial number in the Bluetooth device list


The T3i device serial number does not appear in the Bluetooth device list.  It may appear in Paired devices tab.


There are 2 possible solutions:

(1) Turn on Location Services  (Recommended)


  • Power-cycle the T3i device.  
  • Ensure there is a solid green LED.
  • Navigate to settings on your Android device.  
  • Scroll down to Location
  • Tap to enable 
  • Reconnect with T3i Operate


(2) Connect using Paired devices tab  (T3i Operate 3.37 or above)

If you don't wish to turn on Location services, it's possible to connect using the Paired device tab in T3i Operate (3.37 or above).  

Note:- If your T3i device doesn't show up in the Paired devices tab, then you will need to first pair your T3i device to your Android device using the Bluetooth pairing instructions specified by the manufacturer.


  • Open T3i Operate app
  • Tap Connect
  • Tap Paired Devices tab
  • Select the paired Serial number 

  • Tap Connect