1. Termatrac Online Account (please contact Termatrac if you don't have an account)
  2. Android 4.0+ device 
  3. Internet / WiFi connection on Android device

The syncing of scans is done automatically via the internet, and are uploaded to Termatrac Online. 

When the T3i Operate app exits, a background task checks for an internet connection. Once this internet connection is detected, all unsynced Locations/Jobs/Scans are sent to the server, which will not interrupt usage of the Android device.

If the scans are still not appearing on Termatrac Online, then you can manually upload them following the procedure below:

Instructions for Syncing:

  • On the home screen, tap Menu -> View Jobs

  • Select Address then Job 
  • Identify if the scan has already been synchronised with the server 
    • Cloud with green tick means it has already synchronised with the server 
    • Cloud with yellow exclaimation mark is waiting to be synchronised with the server 
  • Tap on the scan you wish to Sync

  • Tap Menu->Sync

  • A popup will indicate that the synchronisation process is taking place.  This is then followed by another popup indicating whether it has succeeded or failed.