Minimum requirements

  1. Compatible Android device* running 4.0 and above
  2. T3i Operate 2.54 and above
  3. Termatrac T3i device with 2.05 firmware and above
  4. Internet Connection

*Approved Android devices are listed on the Termatrac support website.

T3i Magic codes allow Termatrac to remotely solve/troubleshoot common T3i device issues by sending a set of one-time use codes to the T3i unit via the Android device. In order for Termatrac to send the magic code to your Android device, it needs to be registered (via the App). The registration process creates an association between your Android device(s) and T3i unit(s) which allows us to identify which phone/tablet to send the code to. Once the registration process is successful, Termatrac can send a code to your Android device which can then be uploaded to the T3i unit (via the App).

Device Registration
Registering your Android device with Termatrac allows us to identify which Android device to send the Magic Code(s) to. This is a once off process and may only need to be repeated if the App has been updated to a newer version or if you wish to associate a new T3i unit to the Android device. 

Important: For this step to work, your Android device must be connected to the internet.

  1. Launch T3i Operate App
  2. Select Menu->Register Device
  3. Ensure you see your serial number in the 1st bullet point. If not then you will need to connect to your T3i unit, then return to this screen.  Select the Register button. A Registration Successful message should appear.

  4. Press Done.

Upload Magic Code
Once Termatrac has sent the codes to your Android device, it is then ready to be uploaded to T3i unit via the App.

  1. Ensure the T3i unit is switched on (Either solid green light or 2 yellow lights for expired units)
  2. Launch the T3i Operate App
  3. Select Menu->Upload T3i Code
  4. Select the code from the list and press Upload
  5. The upload process should begin automatically and take 20sec to complete. If successful the power LED on the T3i device will turn a solid GREEN colour.